Last Minute Winter Lawn Care Tasks

January 26th, 2021 | Posted by Jason Rohrbaugh
Lawn care during the winter

Everyone wants their lawn to be healthy come the Spring season, but you can’t just expect it to happen without taking the necessary steps to help it. During the winter season, there are some lawn care tasks you should keep in mind to ensure a healthy and luscious when the spring season rolls around. We’ve talked about winter lawn care tips in our recent blog posts, but we want to ensure that you at least hit one of these tasks before the season ends.

Before the Spring Season

Before the Spring season comes around, it’s a good idea to clear your lawn of any debris left over from the fall and winter. Branches, leaves and other debris need to be removed before the spring season in order for you to start your spring cleanup routine.

Another thing to think about is aeration. If you haven’t aerated your lawn in a couple of years, it’s recommended to contact Crew Cut Enterprises to provide you with the proper aeration and seeding for your lawn. Aeration will help the compacted lawn and soil air out, so the fertilizer and natural solutions can help generate a healthy lawn for the spring. It’s recommended to get this done in the Fall, but it can be done in the early spring.

If you don’t have much snow on the ground, you can do good things with your lawn in the winter season.

During the Winter Season

If you’ve already been using salt for your driveway and walkways, drop them. Salt products can damage the nearby grass, which can be a hassle to fix come springtime. Use organic products that won’t damage your lawn. If you do need a de-icing service, Crew Cut Enterprises has the ability to de-ice your sidewalks while making sure your lawn is not damaged.

We want you to have a healthy lawn come springtime, which means caring for your lawn in the winter cannot be overlooked. If you need a professional service to guide you and help create a beautiful and healthy lawn, contact Crew Cut Enterprises at 443-336-3525 today or visit us online for more information!