Caring for Your Lawn During the Winter Season

December 7th, 2020 | Posted by Jason Rohrbaugh
Snow covered lawn care

As the snow falls during the winter season, many homeowners don’t think to do anything with their lawn. In fact, most homeowners make it a priority to not deal with any landscaping or lawn issues during the cold winter months. Your lawn can benefit from a little maintenance during the winter season though. You should never completely ignore your lawn during this season because then you may have a horrible spring.

Tips for Caring for Your Lawn

If we get a heavy snowfall, then there is really nothing you can do to care for your lawn, but if it’s a light dusting of snow, there are ways to care for the lawn. When your lawn has a layer of snow or it is frosted over, try to avoid walking on it. It can become weak if it is walked on too many times.

Preparing for the Spring

It’s always good to prepare your lawn for the spring season. If the winter is mild, then it’s good to keep your lawn clean and recycle those leaves back into the lawn for nutrients. You can mulch them before the first frost in the winter. Always have a lawn care plan for the spring. You also have the ability to aerate your lawn, which will help the roots grow even more. This will make sure your grass and lawn is healthy for the spring season.

Crew Cut Enterprises for Your Lawn Care Needs

At Crew Cut Enterprises, our lawn care team can provide you with aeration, seeding, and sod installation for your lawn when spring rolls around. Our job is to make sure you obtain a healthy lawn for every season, so don’t worry about that cold winter. Contact Crew Cut Enterprises at 443-336-3525 today or visit us online for more information!