Lawn Services

Professional lawn care  in Annapolis, MDRoutine Mowing & Trimming

Regular service of your lawn is an important part of maintaining beautiful and healthy landscaping. Our mowing services are scheduled to take care of your lawn during the regular growing season, April 1st through October 31st. Our lawn maintenance team will service your property with detail and care and we will leave it immaculate every time. Crew Cut can even bag or catch the grass too. (extra fee applies)

Aeration & Seeding

Maintaining a beautiful lawn is more than just lawn mowing and watering. Each year some of your grass dies back and we recommend over seeding and aerating every year or at a minimum every two years. The aeration helps the lawn roots grow thicker and deeper so your turf can survive the summer drought, and the seeding fills in the bare spots. New seed should be kept moist for the first 30 days to help with germination and root growth. Fall is the best time of year for these services as the weather is cool, and there is plenty of moisture to help the new seed germinate.

Sod InstallationLawn Care Company in Annapolis MD

Have you tried everything to make your lawn look better and just can’t seem to get the result you are looking for after all? We can start from scratch and put in a whole new lawn, in just a day on some properties. Could you imagine, leaving for work with a boring bland lawn and coming home to a beautiful lush green carpet of grass. It’s easier to maintain and cheaper then you think.