Why it’s Important to Power Wash

July 9th, 2019 | Posted by Jason Rohrbaugh
power washing patio cleaning dirt and mold

Every year your fence, deck, siding, patio, and other outdoor materials can get dirty from the colder months of the year. It’s important to recognize this and get them cleaned, so more dirt and scum doesn’t build up. It will also look much better once you’ve gotten a power wash done.

Hire a Professional!

Power washing can be an extremely annoying activity when the warmer months roll around. It’s an activity that you know you need to get done for your yard or house to look better, but it can be a pain. Hiring a professional such as Crew Cut Lawn & Landscaping will help you clean your deck, siding, fence, sidewalks, and patios with the right cleaning solution and pressure washers.

Powerwashing Services we provide:

  • House Washing – We use our cleaning solution to soft wash your house, so there is no damage to your siding, screens, or paint. Mold, mildew, and dirt can build up on your siding and house. This is unattractive, so make sure to contact us about our services.
  • Fence & Deck Cleaning – Decks and fences can get dirty and faded over time from the sun and colder wet months. We use low pressure washing to carefully clean decks and fences, so the wood is not damaged.

After we have cleaned, we can provide the service of fence & deck staining, which includes a high-quality stain and sealant available in water or oil-based forms with a variety of colors.

  • Concrete, Brick and Stone – Driveways and concrete can really get dirty, so we can help you get these cleaned by using detergent solution followed by a machine pressure washer to clean it. We thoroughly rinse the concrete after we apply the cleaning products.

We also do roof cleaning!

Contact Crew Cut Lawn & Landscaping at 443-336-3525 today for our power washing services. We can help you get your house and outside materials cleaner than ever with our cleaning solutions!