Vinyl vs. Wood Fencing: Which One is Better?

February 10th, 2020 | Posted by Jason Rohrbaugh
Vinyl fence installation

When it comes to installing a fence around your property, you want the most durable and long-lasting structure, so that it won’t cost you more money down the road. The question is which material will give you the ultimate benefits that you want in a fence for the long haul.


The better fence when it gets down to durability is vinyl for sure. Vinyl fencing is great at holding up during rough weather conditions, pests, decay, and even fungus. Wood can get roughed-up a bit more when weather is harsh. You’ll definitely be able to tell the difference. After a rough season of harsh weather, you’ll notice how much damage has been done to the wood fence resulting in you investing in a power washer. Vinyl can withstand the extreme weather conditions.

Maintenance and Cost

All you have to do regarding the maintenance of a vinyl fence is hose it off once in a while if you notice dirt or grime on the vinyl fence. Usually, the rain can wash most of it off for you, so your job is much easier. Wood fences can be time consuming with maintaining the condition and look. Wood fences look great if they are taken care of every year. If the weather is bad, you’ll have to power wash the fence every year or every other year to keep its original look from getting too beat up. Treating and staining it is also required.

So, do you think vinyl might be easier to maintain? We say yes!

The cost of a Vinyl Fence is of course, you guessed it, more expensive. After the up-front cost, you won’t have to worry about maintenance costs such as a power washer and staining supplies. To get more bang for your buck, a vinyl fence is the way to go for durability, duration, and low maintenance.

Where Can I Acquire a Vinyl Fence?

At Crew Cut Lawn & Landscaping, we specialize in fence installation including vinyl, as well as privacy and wood split rail. Our vinyl fence installation is a great investment if you’re looking to enhance the look of your yard and have the structure last a long time. Contact us at 443-336-3525 today!