The Benefits of a Flagstone Patio for Your Outdoor Space

March 29th, 2021 | Posted by Jason Rohrbaugh
Flagstone Patio from Crew Cut Lawn & Landscaping

Spring is under way, which means it’s time to start thinking about landscaping and yard transformations. If you’ve been thinking about making your outdoor living space a little bit nicer, then Crew Cut Lawn & Landscaping can help you out. We encourage every homeowner to create a beautiful outdoor living space because not only can it increase the value of your home, but it can also allow you, your family, and guests enjoy being outside during the summer months.

Why Choose to Go with a Flagstone Patio Design?

Flagstone patios are very natural-looking, so you don’t have to worry about a patio that will look out of place if you want to landscape around the patio. Flagstone patios create a natural look, so when you’re planting shrubs and other flowers, it will blend beautifully together.

Flagstone patios are created with flagstone “puzzle pieces,” which make the patio look more natural along with the landscape. The reason many homeowners choose to go with flagstone is the fact that it is durable, natural, rich in color, and flexible with design layouts. Most homeowners choose to go with the irregular pattern patio, but you can also choose to go with an even layout.

The Benefits of Flagstone Patios:

In case you were worried about not having a natural look, you won’t have to worry when you choose flagstone. There are plenty of plants you can plant in-between the stone. These include: Dichondra, Mint, Sedum, Moss, and Baby Tears. It’s common to also design the flagstone patio as the center piece and have flowers, shrubs, and trees surrounding the patio.

  • Natural-Look
  • Grow Plants In-Between Stone
  • Durable
  • Rich in Color
  • Slip-Resistant
  • Narrow Packed Joints Allow the Permeation of Water

Make Your Outdoor Living Space the Place to Be for the Summer

At Crew Cut Lawn & Landscaping, we will work with you to create the flagstone patio you want. Our professionally trained and experienced installation team has the ability to work with every type of stone for your patio. We will create the design to your liking and make sure everything is prepared before we install. We also can provide other maintenance services such as power washing!

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