Six Advantages of Staining Your Deck

April 19th, 2019 | Posted by Jason Rohrbaugh
Staining Your Deck

Even the hardiest of deck materials are prone to weather damage over time, which is why savvy homeowners invest in regular deck staining.

Here are some of the advantages of staining your deck:

Improve appearance

Regular staining is the best way to maintain your deck’s appearance. When you have your deck stained, you’ll be highlighting its natural wood grain. Deck staining is available in a wide variety of tints to create the perfect match.

Prevent rot

Staining your deck is the number-one way to keep the wood from rotting due to mold, termites or mildew. Once your deck begins to rot, there’s no real way to stop it. Not only is rot unsightly, but it’s also a safety hazard as it could cause your deck to collapse. Staining your deck right away and re-coating on a regular basis is crucial to avoiding rot in the first place.


Water causes all sorts of problems for wood. Staining your deck will help protect it from rain and spills.

Stop discoloration

Unless you stain your deck, exposure to sun over time will fade and change the color of your wood.

Create a stronger walking surface

Your deck probably sees a lot of foot traffic, especially in the summer months. Sealing it will make it a stronger, more durable surface for walking.

Save money

Keeping your deck in good condition by sealing it regularly is less expensive over time than having to replace it.

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