Pruning & Trimming in the Spring Season

February 12th, 2021 | Posted by Jason Rohrbaugh
Pruning plants in the Spring

As we’re slowly approaching the Spring season, which means its’ time to start thinking about your landscaping plans for your yard. One thing many people don’t understand is which plants are okay to prune and cut back in the Spring. Many people believe it’s important to prune and trim everything in the spring, but this isn’t the case for every plant. It may be very bad for certain shrubs.

Here are some pruning tips for the spring:

Prune Early Spring Before the Growth Starts

Pruning can be very good during the early spring season for some plants. Always remember to prune shrubs that do not flower in the spring. Your main priority is to cut back the plants that are starting their growth in the spring because this allows them to heal those cutbacks before they start the growth process.

Which Plants Should I Focus on?

Always be sure to research which plants you have and utilize advice from landscaping professionals on which ones are okay to prune first. We recommend getting after the evergreens with needles like pine and juniper. You can also prune broadleaf evergreens like boxwood and more!

Spring Season is Meant for Preparation and Growth

I’m sure we’re all excited for it to get much warmer and for the spring to fully bloom. Spring is meant for the preparation of your landscape and plant growth. Cleaning up dead plants, trees, and other debris in your yard is essential to having healthy vegetation.

Not every homeowner has the time to get their landscaping down and prepared, so it’s important to contact a professional who can take care of your yardwork. At Crew Cut Lawn & Landscaping, we specialize in lawn and landscaping services lawn mowing, lawn maintenance, landscaping cleanup, pruning, and much more!

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