Properly Caring for Your Fruit Trees this Summer

April 18th, 2022 | Posted by jrohrbaugh-admin
Caring for your apple tree during the summer

Summer is approaching fast, even though we’re still in the month of April. Before we know it, we’ll be enjoying the great outdoors, having cookouts, watching sunsets, and hosting backyard parties. At this time, it’s typical to start planning your spring landscaping, doing yard maintenance, and adding new plants to your property. It’s important to make sure your yard is looking beautiful, and if you have fruit trees in your yard, keep in mind some of these caregiving tips this summer season.

Regular Pruning of Fruit Trees

This is an important step to take when you have fruit trees on your property. Fruit trees need to be taken care of consistently in order for you to have a fruitful tree. Regular pruning of the tree in the summer can be beneficial, even though most pruning is done in the winter season.

Remove any branches growing from the base of the tree and the ones straight up from horizontal branches. They can crowd the other fruiting branches and cause infestation and disease.

Inspecting the Trees Often

Any type of tree can experience infestation, disease, and other elemental problems. It’s very important to make sure there are no signs of these things happening to your fruit trees. Inspect the bark, trunk, base, branches, and leaves of the trees to ensure it is a growing and healthy fruit tree. If you do find some signs of these problems, call your local nursery to get advice on organic remedies for the solution.

Watering Your Trees

When it comes to watering and irrigation, these trees should be watered deeply and less. Obviously, you must pay attention to the weather as well. You want to make sure the water is soaking down to the roots. If it’s been a rainy week, you can hold off on the watering.

Mulching and Fertilizing

Organic mulch is important to apply to the base of the tree. This will help hold the water, prevent weeding, and provide nutrients to the soil. Compost is a natural fertilizer you can add to the base of the fruit tree to help some of the younger ones stay healthy.

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