Benefits of De-Icing Your Business Parking Lot

January 6th, 2020 | Posted by Jason Rohrbaugh
de-icing commercial parking lot

The winter weather can get harsh at times, especially in the middle of the season. Temperatures can drop and then rise again the next day. If there is rain or snow mixing, ice can become a major problem to business parking lots. Water can freeze overnight on your lot, which can create a dangerous environment for your employees, clients, and customers. In order to combat this, make sure to contact a professional de-icing service like Crew Cut Enterprises!

The Importance of Safety

The most important thing for your business is safety. You want your employees and customers to feel safe and comfortable at your business. Taking care of ice problems in the parking lot should be at the top of your list.

Here are some major reasons why you should de-ice your parking lot:

  • Helps prevent slips and falls on hard ground
  • Prevents slippery conditions for cars driving
  • Avoid lawsuits from injuries or car accidents
  • Clients and Customers will feel safe and comfortable

With Crew Cut Enterprises, we can provide your business with our de-icing service, so that you don’t have to stress over the safety of your employees or clients. If you’re also in need of snow removal, we can provide snow removal for parking lots and sidewalks in case there is a heavy snowfall.

Hazardous Winter Conditions

This service not only is beneficial during the night, but it is also beneficial during the workday. Winter weather is unpredictable, which means there could be a snowstorm that occurs during the day. The benefit of a snow removal service is that you won’t have to worry about losing any customers. Your employees won’t have to worry about getting stranded at work with no way to get off the property.

Crew Cut Enterprises

Crew Cut Enterprises specializes in de-icing and snow removal for commercial lots. Businesses small and large will benefit from our services during the winter months that can be unpredictable. Contact us at 443-336-3525 or for more information on how we can make your property safe.