Protecting Your Gutters from the Bad Weather Elements

August 30th, 2021 | Posted by jrohrbaugh-admin

Even though we’re still in the Summer season, fall is right around the corner, which means there are more home maintenance tasks to get done around your house. One of the most important is protecting your gutters, cleaning them, and ensuring structural integrity. Fall is the season where these tasks play an important role in ensuring protection before the winter rolls around.

Importance of Cleaning Your Gutters

We understand this is an annoying chore when it comes to home ownership, but it is a necessity. Cleaning your gutters is boring and tedious. If you don’t feel like cleaning them yourself, Crew Cut Enterprises has the crew to make sure your gutters get cleaned and taken care of.

The Benefits:

  • Avoid Clogged Gutters
  • Prevent Roof Damage
  • Protect Against Water Leakage
  • Prevent Rodents/Nesting

Add Extra Protection with Gutter Covers

Adding an extra protection piece to your gutters can give you less stress when it comes to cleaning and protecting your gutters against the elements. Installing a gutter cover protection system over your gutters allows water to flow freely through them during rainstorms.

They give you protection against rodents, insects, and other critters who try to make their homes in your gutters. They prevent clogged gutters because leaves, tree branches, sticks, and other materials cannot blow into the gutters. This is your best defense against the outside elements. Another great benefit is that gutter covers protect against icing to occur on your gutters. Freezing water in your gutters can cause structural damage and harm to your roof.

At Crew Cut Enterprises, we specialize in landscaping and lawn care, but we also have experience and expertise in protecting your gutters. Our services expand from gutter cleaning, gutter cover installation, and power washing to home improvement around your property. Contact Crew Cut Enterprises at 443-336-3525 today or visit us online for more information!