“The Lawn guys were always dependable and came on the same day each week. We used a different company in the past and their cut schedule was not predictable. Crew Cut has done a beautiful job cutting the grass this year.” 

G. Hayward

“Your power washer, Shawn , did a terrific job for us yesterday. Please thank him for his outstanding efforts on our behalf!”

G. Johnanson

“Our new patio is just wonderful, I love it. Thanks again”

R. Wedel

“The mowing crew shows up each week as scheduled, Its always a pleasure to do business with crew cut”

D. Jones

“My New Trees and Shrubs look wonderful, I am watering them as directed and they blend in beautifully with my existing landscape. Thanks again for another job well done, and thanks for the watering directions.”

D. Prowler

“Shawn came out and explained the power washing service. He was very friendly and knew what he was doing. He did such a great job power washing that my neighbors asked what company provided the service. They ended up going with crew cut for their power washing as well. It’s been several months and the mold has not returned. I highly recommend having power washing done by Crew Cut.”

G. Bowen